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Style, Comfort, Perfection


Laveo Sofa is a curator of style and comfort in the market for contemporary lifestyle-centric sofas. Established in 2014, the company is rewriting the standards of aesthetic quality - the catalyst transforming perceptions of the level of acceptable standards at home or work.


Timeless, modern with classic propriety, the Laveo collection is meticulously handpicked and designed with the sole intention of enabling the discerning individual to match their furniture selections with their expectations.


Central to the Laveo design is the concept of a seamless melding of modern technology and traditional craftsmanship, tempered by a deliberate intelligence and mastery of the immutable laws that create perfection. To be constantly evolving with innovations in materials, crafting technologies and understanding of human physiology.


Speaking directly to our emotional senses rather than purely cognitive thoughts, this collection can only be truly appreciated first-hand - and, as such, the company has set up multiple showroom galleries around the region. This is a move it deems as key in its strategy, as it means introducing its offerings to an expectant audience in the best possible way.


Redefining quality living through comfort, quality and aesthetic beauty, in line with the modern expectations of luxury.


Bringing world-class luxury and eclecticism into homes and work interiors, with first-class services including showroom galleries that allow guests, art connoisseurs, and seekers to experience our collections first-hand.

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