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We only use the best technology fabrics.
They are Pro Collection use Spanish technology,
Designer Collection use Korea technology,
Premium Collection use Turkey technology and
Standard Collection use Chinese technology.

Pro Collection

3D Bionics Simulated Leather

Based on cutting-edge Spanish technology, our Designer Collection is designed using 3D Bionics technology that simulates the feel and look of high-quality leather with special microfibres, thereby combining beauty, comfort, and durability into a luxurious package. The fabric’s super flexibility also always returns to its original state even if it is stretched and twisted for true anti-wrinkle properties.

Quality and Hygiene

Our Pro Collection fabrics are designed to prevent the growth of 91% of bacteria and viruses for the ultimate in ultra-modern living. This finish is also proven to keep fabrics free of dust mite allergens and is ideal for keeping the family safe and healthy.

Easy Cleaning

Our Pro Collection fabrics can be easily cleaned of the majority of household stains (wine, ink, oil, cream, etc.) with water only. This minimises the time and effort needed to maintain the fabric, freeing your time up for other activities.


In addition to preventing the growth of pathogens, its smooth surface texture makes it easy to wipe off fur and hair, making it ideal for homes with pets like dogs and cats.


Designer Collection



Using the latest Korea technology Far more than just being more comfortable than quality leather,

the fabrics used in our Designer Collection are woven into a dense textile of 0.1mm fineness,

which makes it impervious to water infiltration and damage.


Cool & Comfortable

With 10,000 micro-apertures per square metre, our Designer Collection fabrics efficiently cool the surface during use by allowing perspiration and heat to move away from the body,

thus leaving a sweat-free and smooth feeling all the time.


Ultra-Resistant & Durable

The tightly pressed fabric composite protects it from the effects of wear and tear - rated five times above the national industry standard and is guaranteed to provide long-lasting durability. Combined with excellent dyeing technologies, our fabrics will also hold their vivid colours for years.


Safe for Health

The fabric contains no harmful chemicals, including benzene, formaldehyde and volatile organics compounds, making it safe for health and the environment. The surface of the fabric is also mildly alkaline, which confers additional benefits to human health.


Premium Collection

Our premium collection comprises fine woven fabrics from Turkey technology,

well-known for their superior quality and variety.


At Laveo, this collection focuses primarily on Turkish velvet, a lustrous fabric made by pressing the material down in different directions and woven with a special loom that creates two different thicknesses.


The result is a fabric of unmatched beauty, comfort and luxury - a smooth and glimmering material that lends incredible aesthetic quality to any living space.


Standard Collection

Made using Chinese technology, our Standard Collection is designed for superior functionality,

with an excellent balance of quality and price. 

It also has the advantages of comfort and easy cleaning. Good ventilation effect,
people will not feel stuffy and hot.

Meet the most basic entry requirements.

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